H.A.C.C.P. Lighting

Our Shatter-collect® safetytube offers you a simple, reliable and affordable means to comply with the mandatory HACCP regulations for all products that meet food safety requirements as it gives protection against damages resulting from fluorescent lamp breakage, released glass particles, phosphorus ec.. We process all brands of fluorescent lamps delivered by you at our premoses (T5-T8-T12, TLM-XLM, Retrofits, LED-tubes etc.).

Product Features

» Full implosion absorbent

» Ultraviolet stabilised polycarbonate

» Full transparency

» Melting temperature >230ºC

» Passes Glow Wire Flammability Index 850°C at 1 mm

» 40°C to +150°C ambient operating temperature

» T5 and T8 tubes available


Product Benefits

» Coply with HACCP regulations

» Breakage: no fragments are released

» All UV radiation is blocked

» Resistant to short circuit

» Material does not discolor



Product Applications

» Industrial production processes for food and beverages

» Professional kitchens

» Supermarkets, shops and restaurants

» Pharmaceutical industry, laboratories and cleanrooms

» Cold stores of Flower shops and flower wholesalers


8 Watt

13 watt